[Genuine] Testogen Buyer’s Guide

What is TestoGen?

If you ever need to increase athletic performance (on the field or at the gym) or even boost your libido like every other man out there, check out a revolutionary supplement to deliver you amazing results – TestoGen.

TestoGen has natural ingredients to boost your testosterone levels safely and easily.

As you grow older, testosterone levels start to fall and it may become harder for you to perform in an athletic and sexual capability.

However, that problem can be easily reversed with TestoGen. When you boost your testosterone levels with TestoGen, you will:

  • Sharpen concentration whether at work or at play
  • Increase your stamina and strength via improved muscle mass
  • Reverse stamina loss, poor libido, and decreased muscle tone
  • Banish irritability, tiredness, excess body fat, and loss of concentration

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Why We May Need TestoGen Testosterone Booster

You may need to take TestoGen if you want to increase athletic or bedroom performance. However, you may want to have your testosterone levels tested first.

You can have your blood tested to gives you a more accurate reading of your testosterone levels over a quick quiz. Depending on you, you may want to regularly check your testosterone to monitor changes, if any.

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Does TestoGen Really Work?

Based on the various customer reviews, TestoGen does work.

Moreover, the manufacturer has continually improved its product for a better experience to benefit you.

The formula of TestoGen has been enhanced with 2 major changes. One, magnesium was added to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

Two, the lesser dosage of zinc now offers you peace of mind, yet the dose is still potent enough to significantly impact your testosterone levels.

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Is TestoGen for You?

If you’re looking to enhance your bedroom performance, and if you’re over the age of 18, you may want to take TestoGen to improve your testosterone levels.

Why TestoGen?

This product has natural testosterone boosters and there are no harmful artificial steroids here.

TestoGen is not only for men who want a great bedroom performance. It’s also for men who are into endurance events, bodybuilding, and other athletic activities.

TestoGen is for men who indulge in any activity that requires stamina and strength. If you have bedroom-related problems like waning libido, you know this is right for you.

Who Can't Use TestoGen?

If you’re 18 years young or even younger, you don’t need the supplement. As you may know, your testosterone levels peak at this age. If you’re at such an age, it’s almost like you’re taking steroids.

When you reach your 20s, your testosterone levels gradually decline. When that time comes and you want to be at to the top of your game in bed, then you may want reach for that libido-enhancing supplement.

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TestoGen Ingredients

You know what TestoGen can do. Now, it’s time to find out what ingredients are in each capsule.

TestoGen’s formula is also new and improved, so you’re sure of getting the most updated and well-researched formula that uses the most potent ingredients to give you the best results.

Don’t know what makes TestoGen work? Let’s find out.

D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid regulator helps in the production of hormones, especially the luteinizing hormone.

D-aspartic acid stimulates testosterone production; thus, it helps you to drive up strength and stamina and helps in lean muscle production.

Research indicates that D-aspartic acid could boost the production of testosterone by over 45% in just weeks. What makes it sweeter is that TestoGen has more D-aspartic acid than any other similar products.

Red Ginseng Extract

The extract is derived from the ginseng plant, the ‘man root,’ which is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Red ginseng also stimulates the libido and protects the testes from dioxin damage and helping to promote vigorous erections.

The red ginseng extract in TestoGen sharpens you both mentally and physically, making you ready to take on any demanding activity.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is an herb with testosterone-boosting and libido-enhancing seeds. Nature-based fenugreek is safe and increases vitality, strength, and stamina. It also boosts insulin resistance to help drive up muscle mass.

The herb also has potent antioxidant properties, which make sure your body is protected from harmful free radicals so your body can function efficiently.


Surprise! Surprise! Zinc is found in oysters. Now you know why oysters are a staple in romantic dates. The oysters’ zinc content, which is also a key TestoGen component, is an effective testosterone booster and a known aphrodisiac.

Zinc also helps to keep healthy sperm and the mineral also enables your bodily functions to work properly.

Since zinc can be lost through sweat, you need to keep your levels up if you regularly go to the gym or engage in any sweat-inducing activity.


As a newly-introduced ingredient in TestoGen’s updated formula, magnesium is vital for testosterone production. A certain study determined that men taking 750mg magnesium daily for 4 weeks showed a 26% testosterone level increase.

The mineral also helps promote good sleep, which, in turn, aids in testosterone production.


Another new ingredient in TestoGen’s current formula is boron, which is a mineral found in certain vegetables and fruit as well as in the Earth’s soil.

Studies indicate that even a trace amount of boron can increase testosterone levels significantly.

One study determined that male bodybuilders on a daily boron supplement for 7 weeks showed an increase in testosterone, as compared to those on a placebo.

Another study also found that men who took a weekly dose of 10mg boron showed an increase of 28% in testosterone and a decrease in estrogen.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Did you know that nettle leaf can increase your testosterone levels? Testosterone tends to bind to SHGB, a protein. When attached to protein, however, testosterone doesn’t have much use.

There’s also research that indicates nettle leaf binds to SHBG, which allows testosterone to freely circulate in your bloodstream and do its work to boost libido and build muscle.

Vitamin B6

Needed by your body for over 100 functions, Vitamin B6 is vital for overall health. The B vitamins also help in testosterone production. Studies have also shown that Vitamin B deficiency is linked to increased estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels, while also affecting overall energy.

TestoGen’s Vitamin B6 can help you fight irritability and tiredness as well as help in the production of more testosterone.


The black pepper-derived bioperine significantly raises the other TestoGen ingredients’ bioavailability. This also means that more of TestoGen’s active ingredients are easily absorbed, making them more effective.

Bioperine, which is a new TestoGen ingredient, helps assure you get better testosterone-raising results.

Vitamin D

If you increase your Vitamin D intake, your testosterone levels rise. TestoGen utilizes a D3 vitamin, cholecalciferol, which can increase your free testosterone (the ones not attached to protein) and can slow down the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

What makes the increased quantity of Vitamin D in TestoGen even better is that the vitamin is made more effective when taken with boron, magnesium, and Vitamin K, which are all included in TestoGen’s new formula.

Vitamin K1

While Vitamin K1 helps keep your bones healthy and strong, it also helps more efficiently absorb the Vitamin D found in TestoGen. This means that Vitamin K1 can power up the testosterone-increasing benefits that you can enjoy from Vitamin D.

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How Does TestoGen Work?

All of the listed ingredients work together to boost your testosterone levels. TestoGen’s all-natural ingredients have been tested thoroughly so you can use them without worries.

The unique combination of TestoGen’s ingredients work to provide you with stamina and strength. When they work together, the ingredients are highly potent to make you active in body and mind.

So, the goal of TestoGen is to increase testosterone. What’s the science behind it?

Testosterone is also called a steroid hormone. It what’s make you masculine. Testosterone is produced before you are even born, and your testosterone levels peak with puberty. As you hit your 20s, the process of testosterone decline begins.

This means, by the time you’re 70 years old, you have 200 ng/dL of testosterone. But let’s not talk about your advancing years.

Testosterone is what drives your masculinity, and if muscles and physical fitness are important, then you need a considerable lot of the hormone.

When your testosterone levels are low, you experience:

  • Failing libido
  • Depression and tiredness
  • Fat beginning to accumulate around your waist
  • Your memory and concentration are increasingly diminished

Once you have taken TestoGen, it may take about a week for you to see improvements in your vitality, focus, and mood. If you simply want to gain strength and develop muscle, the results may not be that immediate.

While it may take time to build muscle, you may notice a difference in one month to 6 weeks, assuming you’re on a training regimen.

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Customer TestoGen Reviews

It seems like most customers are generally happy with how TestoGen has benefited them. While I have not found any concrete star ratings for the use of this product, the general consensus seems to be that TestoGen works.

Many of the customers found that, when they took TestoGen, they have lost unwanted weight, gained lean muscle, became more sexually active, felt more active, and gained more confidence.

The pros are more on TestoGen’s performance and the cons are more of availability and price issues.


  • Increases sex drive
  • Increases levels of natural testosterone
  • Helps with building strength and muscle
  • Each ingredient is scientifically-backed
  • Free shipping


  • You need to take 4 capsules a day
  • Can only be bought from their website
  • An expensive product

Testogen Official Website

TestoGen Side Effects

As TestoGen uses only natural ingredients, there are no known reports of users experiencing side effects from taking the supplement. TestoGen’s testosterone boosters came from minerals and herbs, with some of them being used for a long time in Asian traditional medicine.

While TestoGen contains only natural and pure ingredients, you – as a customer – should be aware of you own country’s laws and see if some herbs may be banned.

If you’re using TestoGen for sports, check your local sports authority’s regulations when it comes to taking supplements.

TestoGen for Sale & Shipping

You can only buy TestoGen from its official website. If other websites claim they sell TestoGen, then you have the right to be suspicious.

You also can’t get TestoGen from GNC, Amazon, or any other major retailer that sells supplements.

TestoGen Price

  • 1 month supply – 1 bottle with 120 capsules – $59.99
  • 2 months’ supply – 2 bottles plus 1 free with a total of 360 capsules – $119.99
  • Ultimate supply – 3 bottles plus 2 free with a total of 500 capsules and a free eBook – $179.99

TestoGen Shipping

Shipping is fast. It’s also free. That’s good news for you.

If you’re not happy with your product, however, there’s a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

WARNING: Where to Buy – TestoGen for Sale

You can ONLY but TestoGen from their official website, which you can access below.

Testogen Official Website

Since the product is highly popular, be mindful of those websites that claim to say they’re selling genuine TestoGen products. My only suggestion is that you be careful.

Is There a TestoGen Coupon Code?

Right now, there’s no TestoGen coupon code. However, the official website offers coupon codes from time to time. So, keep your eyes open.


TestoGen is one of the better products out there if you want to increase your libido or do better in any athletic activity. It’s natural and you can see improvements to your mood in as little as a week. If you’re trying to improve your physique, TestoGen still works relatively fast as you can see results in about one month.

There are only a few products out there that can top TestoGen. However, arguably the most important ingredient in the product is the high levels of D-aspartic acid, which can help you do your workouts better.

Thus, if you’re looking to bulk up, increase strength, increase recovery, boost energy, and burn fat, TestoGen is an excellent choice. It’s also a very good product if you want to increase your libido.

While TestoGen may not exactly be cheap, you’ll find that the benefits are enough to make it easy for you to overlook the minimal cons of this product. Moreover, shipping is fast and you’ll receive your item in no time. There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchased product.

Check out the official website now and see how using TestoGen can benefit you.


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