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If you’re working out as hard as you can and sticking to a strict diet regimen, and you still aren’t seeing the results as quickly as expected, it could be that you’re not doing it right.

In fact, you could be overdoing it, or you could be missing something else. In many cases, it could be remedied by tweaking your training program or taking the right supplement, which is what this Battle Ready Fuel Review is for.

Some people spend way too much time in the gym and exert too much energy which can lead to a burnout. Keep in mind that building muscles and improving physical performance is 30% exercise and 70% diet.

BCAAs, creatine, fat burner, fish oil, collagen, multivitamins, and whey protein are just some of the products that you should be including in your daily diet.

To get these directly from food, you would have to consume a lot of calories which may negate your weight-loss efforts. Supplements help you get these essentials without adding too much to your daily caloric intake.

But not all supplement brands are created equal. You need to be careful about what you consume.

This Battle Ready Fuel Review will help you in determining which products are right for you and which can be combined together for faster, more efficient results.

Battle Ready Fuel Review

Who Should Use Battle Ready Fuel?

It could be frustrating when you have exerted too much effort and time, and spent a lot on supplements and see meager improvement.

Battle Ready Fuel supplements were designed for people who are looking for an efficient way to build more muscle mass, get rid of that excess body fat, and to achieve peak physical condition during the process.

Designed and developed with the help of sports and nutrition experts, Battle Ready Fuel will help people in reaching their body transformation goals while improving health and general wellbeing. It also helps the brain to be more focused.

In this Battle Ready Fuel Review, you will see that whatever your exercise goals are, there is a Battle Ready Fuel product that can help you achieve them.

Who Should Not Use Battle Ready Fuel?

There’s no safe shortcut to being physically fit. It requires dedication and determination to reach a certain fitness goal. Battle Ready Fuel is not for those looking for instant results.

Olli Ollerton developed this supplement for everyone who wants to make the most out of their diet and training regimen – not people who want magic potions.

You need to train hard and follow a healthy diet before you can see visible results.

Who is Ollie Ollerton?

Ollie became a member of the Royal Marines when he was 18 back in 1990 and had his first tour in Northern Ireland. He then joined the forces that evacuated Kurds during Operation Desert Storm the following year.

Ollie joined SAS’ naval equivalent, the Special Boat Service, in 1994. He passed the selection process even though he had a broken ankle. Ollie then worked privately in Iraq for 5 years after leaving the special forces.

He became famous with SAS: Who Dares Wins which was shown on Channel 4. Ollie then started BREAK-POINT in the UK. The years he spent with SAS and in the TV shows taught him an important lesson about the human nature.

Ollie said humans are much more than an intelligent mind or a strong physical body. It is when these two combine for a specific goal that real magic happens. Being mentally prepared is a prerequisite to being physically ready.

That’s the idea behind the development of Battle Ready Fuel, which he formulated with leading sports performance experts and nutrition scientists.

Ollie believes that given the proper supplements, both body and brain can be prepared for success. Ollie states that Battle Ready Fuel is a brand that everyone can trust and he’s putting his name at stake.

But he also says that it still requires dedication to be better mentally and physically and Battle Ready Fuel was designed to help people reach these goals. If you’re ready, continue reading on the rest of this Battle Ready Fuel Review.

Battle Ready Fuel Reviews

In this Battle Ready Fuel section, we will take a close look at the entire Battle Ready Fuel line.

Battle Ready Fuel Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most consumed muscle building supplement and helps build lean muscle mass (1, 2, 3).

Unfortunately, not all whey protein powders are the same. It comes to quality and bioavailability.

This is where Battle Ready Whey Protein outshines the others. It’s 90% whey isolate which has less fat and carbohydrates. You also get 28g of protein with each 30g serving.

Add 30g to 400 ml of milk or water then shake well. Consume immediately.

Battle Ready Fuel BCAA

With an optimal ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, this formulation helps during the protein synthesis process, reduces muscle fatigue, and assists with muscle growth (4).

It improves how the body recovers during and after exercise for faster progress in meeting muscle building goals.

During workout days, 5g (10ml) of Battle Ready Fuel BCAA should be added to 100 ml of water. This should be consumed after exercise. During rest days, consume as desired.

Battle Ready Fuel Creatine

Creatine is perhaps the most important muscle building supplement in the market and the most researched. It boosts physical performance which is crucial for high-intensity routines and helps build muscle size and strength (5, 6, 7).

Battle Ready Fuel’s creatine formulation is better absorbed by the body for increased potency. Creatine is also safe because it’s naturally found in the human body.

During workout days, mix 5g (10 ml scoop) with 100 ml of water then mix thoroughly. Consume immediately after workout.

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner

An effective fat burner needs to be a powerful thermogenic, metabolism booster, and appetite suppressant for it to work.

This is what the Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner promises. The inclusion of Guarana extract, Citrus aurantium, and Garcinia cambogia extract makes it even more effective (8, 9, 10)

It helps you work harder so you burn more calories during your workouts. During workout days and 45 minutes before exercising, 3 capsules should be taken with water. During rest days, 1 capsule should be taken with each meal.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner

What good are massive muscles if they are covered with a layer of fat?

Burning off excess fat should be a major part of your fitness goals. Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Fat Burner can help with that.

The ingredients in this product have thermogenic properties which increase your metabolic rate and boost energy, allowing you to burn even more calories during your workout.

30 to 60 minutes before working out, take 1 capsule with water. During rest days, take 1 capsule before breakfast.

Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen

Recovery after a workout should be taken seriously. Sore muscles and joints are the after effects of intense training.

This is where Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen can help and it comes in delicious mango flavor.

It’s designed to improve training performance, reduce exercise-induced serotonin, repairs and protects soft tissue and joints, and increases Human Growth Hormone (11, 12).

Shake the bottle well before serving. Take 2 tbsps (30 ml) before going to bed.

Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack

The body can only achieve what the mind thinks. To reach your physical goals, you need to have focus and determination. Now, there are supplements that help you do that. Take the Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack, for example.

It contains 11 ingredients that assist body and mind synergy. These ingredients help improve memory performance and cognition, enhance focus, increase mental clarity and energy, and reduce stress by lifting your mood.

Take 2 capsules each morning during breakfast.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout

You need the energy to get through a day’s worth of intense exercise and you need focus so you don’t lose track of your health goals.

The Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout has your back. It blends natural ingredients that focuses your mind, protects lean muscle mass, and fuels your motivation.

And it comes in delicious Citrus Burst flavor. During workout days, mix 30g with 500ml of water and consume 30 minutes before exercising.

Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid

You need rest to recover after an intense workout day.

In fact, muscle building primarily occurs when you’re at rest and the body is repairing the microscopic tears that occur in the muscle during weight training (13).

Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aid helps regulate sleep pattern so you can enjoy deeper and more restful sleep.

A good sleep means you’ll feel more motivated and energetic when you wake up. You also think more clearly when you have enough quality sleep.

Take 2 tablets every day.

Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamins

Even the healthiest diet regimens can miss out on some of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body need. Your body demands more of these nutrients during high-intensity training and recovery days.

That’s why you need Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamins. These contain 12 vitamins and 13 minerals that can boost the immune system and support a body that goes through intense training.

The formulation also helps boost energy, which enables you to work out harder and perform daily tasks.

Take 1 capsule every day.

Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein

For those who say that it’s impossible to get the whole spectrum of amino acids from plant products, Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Protein will prove them wrong.

This blend of hemp and pea protein imbued with peanut butter flavor has your protein requirement covered if you’re a vegan or vegetarian.

A 30g serving has 25.5g of quality, pure vegetable-based protein. Mix 30g with 400ml water then shake well. Consume immediately.

Battle Ready Fuel – Super Greens

Remember when your mother used to tell you to eat your veggies? She was right.

Because those greens contain vital nutrients required for a healthier body (14). But preparing salads and veggie smoothies take time.

Good thing there is Battle Ready Fuel Super Greens. A single dose of this supplement is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids.

These nutrients detoxify the body, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve digestion.

Take 1 teaspoon of powder up to 3 times every day.

Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil

Omega 3 is abundant in oily fish and is an essential part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, getting enough of it from eating fish means you need to consume additional calories.

Good thing there is the Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oil in capsule form. Omega 3 reduces diabetes, stroke, and heart disease risks. It also improves mood and memory (15).

Omega 3 also helps in preventing weight gain and accelerates the growth of muscles.

Take 3 capsules every day.

Battle Ready Fuel Stacks

This Battle Ready Fuel Review has provided a rundown of the different supplements that can help you get to your fitness goals.

But how should they be combined for specific exercise goals?

The best stacks are a group supplements that complement each other, which improves the overall potency of the products.

With suggested Battle Ready Fuel stacks, there’s no more guessing on which supplements to include in your list. There are Battle Ready Fuel stacks for the following health goals:

  1. Diet and Weight Loss
  2. Performance
  3. Build Muscle
  4. Mind
  5. Mind-Body-Nutrition
  6. Ultimate Health
  7. Male
  8. Female


  1. A wide range of health supplements and formulations to help with various fitness goals.
  2. Options for vegans and vegetarians or for those people trying to reduce the consumption of animal-based products.
  3. Stacks can be tweaked and combined with others for increased potency.
  4. Significant and visible results in less time.
  5. Worldwide delivery.


  1. Products are only available through their official website and not through other channels.
  2. Stacks can be overwhelming and expensive when bought together.
  3. Premium priced.

Battle Ready Fuel for Sale

Unlike other brands which are available from online stores like Walmart, GNC, or Amazon, Battle Ready Fuel can only be purchased through their official website.

This helps to protect consumers from counterfeit products. You can also be sure that you’re purchasing directly from the company itself and not from some fly-by-night distributors.


From whey protein to sleep aid, Battle Ready Fuel has got all your health goals covered as shown in this Battle Ready Fuel review.

Each of these products has been meticulously researched and developed.

Ollie Ollerton is putting his reputation on this brand so it must be really good. Stacked properly, Battle Ready Fuel supplements can help you reach your goals faster.

As the old adage goes, ‘no pain, no gain.’ Getting fit requires dedication and hard work and Battle Ready Fuel supplements can help you get the most out of the work you’re putting in.

Visit Battle Ready Fuel Official Website Here

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