[Genuine] PHALLOSAN® forte Discount & Review: $108 Off Sale September 2018

Product: PHALLOSAN® forte
Official Website: http://www.phallosan.com (Click Here)
Amazon / GNC / Walmart: Not available
Genuine Phallosan Forte Discount & Freebie: 4 Sleeves ($108)

A small penis can cause a lot of psychological and emotional distress for a man.

Failure to please his woman in bed just because of a small dick is perhaps one of the biggest sources of male embarrassment.

Sure, the problem can easily be fixed by a male enhancement surgery which is known to be quite effective. However, not all men can afford the cost of an invasive procedure.

Luckily, there is another way – a pain free, natural, and probably more effective way – Phallosan Forte! Claim your Phallosan forte discount now and receive 4 free sleeve condoms with your order. Each sleeve is worth $26.90.

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Phallosan Forte Discount Code

Introduced to the USA in 2001, the penis extender device has since been among the top products in the male enhancement niche. Many of its contemporaries have gone into oblivion. The long staying power is due to the product’s reputation as a no-nonsense and effective device.

The male extender device has been:

  • Proven many times to be effective at what it does
  • Approved and certified by the FDA
  • Safe to use even for the long term

Is There a Phallosan Forte Discount?

Discounts, promos, and bonuses are sometimes offered at the official Phallosan Forte website.

There is an ongoing offer for $108 worth of sleeves (4 sleeves x $26.90 = $107.6) that you can get for free if you order the product now from the official site.

How Does It Work?

Developed specifically to help men have a bigger penis, and to provide an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease, ED, curved penis, and other male sexually-related problems, Phallosan Forte has been doing just that for the past 15 years.

It has been making good on its promise of a painless and comfortable way to help the penis fulfill its destined role in the bedroom.

If you regularly use the penis extender, your dick will be stretched in a consistent and gentle way.

In time, this process will create micro-tears in your penile tissues. The body’s natural reaction to recover is to generate new, healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. This, in, turn will cause the penis to widen and lengthen.

You simply have to wear the extender like a capped belt on your penis.

You can use it for long stretches of time without having to worry about any irritation since the materials used for the product are hypoallergenic and high quality.

You can even discreetly wear it outdoors; just make sure to avoid wearing it under tight-fitting clothes. With its patented vacuum technology, it is guaranteed to cure a curved penis.

After only around 3 months, you will notice your penis has grown longer and wider, and you will start to experience stronger erections.

Visit the Official Phallosan Forte Website


  • Approved by the FDA.
  • Can treat male erection problems and other penile disorders.
  • No need to make use of tubes or pumping balls.
  • Materials used are all medical-grade, high quality, and durable; thus, it is safe to use on your dick, acknowledged as among the most sensitive areas of your body.
  • Encouraging results manifest in only 3 months.
  • Well thought out, comfortable, customizable, and user-friendly design.
  • Made by a reputable company with a sterling history of producing top quality products.
  • Non-invasive and natural male enhancement method.
  • Elastic and adjustable belt allows use even by men with large penis.


  • The device comes only with a few accessories and spare parts.
  • The product is imported, and expectedly expensive. Delivery and shipping are not free, adding more to the cost.
  • Comes in only one package and you have to spend more to buy individual upgrades.

What Is Included?

As mentioned, Phallosan Forte comes only in 1 variant that contains a:

  • Suction
  • Tension slip
  • Adjustable elastic belt and soft foam rubber ring attachment
  • Protector cap
  • Suction bells with sleeves in 3 sizes

In short, the package only contains the basic product. The “extras” are basically just components of the male extender.

An instructional DVD, user’s manual, and measuring guide are also shipped with the device.


You can be sure that all deliveries are discreet. Expect your order to be delivered in an ordinary-looking, unlabeled box that will not bear anything that may give away what is inside the box.

No one but you will know that you are currently engaged in a “tiny” project, which can be a cause of a lot of ridicule and embarrassment for you if other people get wind.

Payment is likewise anonymous because of the separate account that the company opened, specifically to cater to Phallosan Forte buyers.


The product is covered by a 2-week guarantee, within which you can expect to get a no questions asked full refund should you find the product unsatisfactory in any way. Just send the product back within 2 weeks.

There is also a 2-year warranty on parts, excluding the sleeves as well as the protector cap.

Where to Buy Phallosan Forte

You can buy the male extender only at the official website.

Don’t entertain vendors who sell on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and some dealers, and may claim to sell you a cheaper version of the product.

Genuine Phallosan Forte is only available online via the official manufacturer website.

Right now, you can get a 4 sleeves for free (worth $108).

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Phallosan Forte For Sale

You have found the right product in Phallosan Forte if you want a male enhancement device that really works. It is effective, painless, natural, and safe to use. There are only a few products on the market that can match that.

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