[2018] Niacin Max Review: Is this the [Ultimate] Niacin Pill?

niacinmaxWhat Is Niacin Max?

Niacin is a type of vitamin B3 that helps cells convert fats, carbohydrates, and protein into energy, resulting to better results in your gym workout sessions. Niacin is also known to promote nervous system and cardiovascular health, and enhance the body's natural immunity.

Niacin Max is a relatively new entrant to the niacin supplement niche, but is steadily gaining in popularity because unlike many other supplements, it is effective and works fast. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you use the product:

  • Promotes muscle boosting hormones and improves oxygen supply – Aside from building the muscles, Niacin Max effectively recovers damaged cells as well.
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy – The supplement provides enough nutrients to the skin and hair to keep them healthy.
  • Enhances overall personality – By enhancing your stamina and energy during workouts, Niacin Max keeps you fit and confident, improving your overall personality in the process.

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How Does Niacin Max Work?

Niacin Max has the ability to dilate the blood vessels, resulting to better oxygen flow throughout the body. This way, blood circulates freely, allowing for better distribution of oxygen and vital nutrients to the muscles.

With more oxygen available, production of red blood cell is improved. HGH production likewise improves by as much as 600%. This becomes evident when you work out as you feel stronger and with more muscle mass.

To put it plainly, Niacin Max helps you push your body way beyond your normal physical limits. Thus, it is ideal for use before going through a rigorous workout session.

Niacin Max comes in thin strips that easily dissolve once inside your mouth. Thus, it is a much faster option than the niacin pills and tablets that flood the market today.

While other supplements need to pass through the stomach, Niacin Max completely bypasses the digestive tract when delivering niacin to the blood. Niacin is brought directly to the bloodstream. Thus, full delivery of 75mg pure niacin happens within a few seconds from putting the niacin strip in your mouth. A single Niacin Max strip is already equivalent to as many as 45 100mg pills of other brands.

Pros & Cons

Like any other product, Niacin Max also comes with its set of pros and cons. Weigh the advantages against the disadvantages to determine if the product is best for you.


  • 45 times more potent and effective than other niacin supplements in powder and pill form
  • Bio-structured for better absorption
  • Enhances production of oxygen and HGH in the body
  • Improves immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Formulated scientifically using 100% natural ingredients
  • In easily dissolvable strips for fast niacin delivery to the bloodstream
  • Great for use before workouts
  • No harmful side effects
  • Improves power, stamina, strength, and raw energy


While many users consider this as just a minor drawback, it still has to be mentioned for the sake of fairness. Taking Niacin Max will result to what is commonly referred to as niacin flush. It is the uncomfortable feeling that comes with itchiness, and some skin reddening. This is only temporary and lasts for only a few minutes, and are in fact signs that the niacin content is working. Likewise, this is less severe compared to what you will experience with other vitamin B3 supplements.

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Niacin Max Ingredients

Only natural ingredients make up the formulation of Niacin Max. Aside from 75 mg of pure niacin or vitamin B3, which is the main active ingredient, the supplement also contains nicotinic acid. This potent formulation makes better blood flow in the body possible. This results to stronger and more powerful muscles.

How Much Does It Cost?

One package of Niacin Max containing 30 thin strips costs $39.99 at retail. However, for optimum results, using the product for at least 3 months is recommended.

While one pack is not necessarily cheap, discounts are available for volume purchases such as a two-month supply of the product or more. Shipping is likewise fast and free.


Niacin Max works for most people. In case it doesn’t work for you, there is a 100% money-back guarantee that you can avail of. Just return the unused products in their original packaging within 67 days if, for any reason, you are not happy with what you purchased. You will then get a refund. That simple; no explanations needed.

How to Use This Supplement

Using the niacin supplement is easy. It is recommended to be taken twice a day – before breakfast and before bedtime.

In the morning: Put a strip under your tongue, and wait for around 10 minutes before taking breakfast to allow the supplement to melt completely in your mouth. You will feel more energetic once you get to the gym for your workout.

At bedtime: Use another strip around 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed and rest for the night. You will feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Where to Buy Niacin Max?

Genuine Niacin Max supplements are currently available online only at the product’s official website. Some people think that their options are extremely limited this way. However, this can actually work in your favor since you are guaranteed to get only the real deal. While other sites may offer cheaper products, what they are offering may be fake or of inferior quality. To be safe, steer clear from these websites and deal only with the official site.

Is There Any Niacin Max Deal?

Definitely, you can find discounted deals at the official website, so make sure to visit from time to time. Currently, there is an offer for a 90-supply of the supplement for only $79.98This means you will be getting 3 packs for the price of two. You can also avail of a five-month supply (5 boxes) for only $119.97 or the cost of 3 packs.

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One easy-to-dissolve strip of Niacin Max already offers the potency equivalent to 45 100 mg pills of vitamin B3 supplements. Even better is that you can try the product risk-free with the full refund guarantee. Not too many products can match that. A great alternative is Crazy Bulk.

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