[Genuine] Male Extra Pills Buyer’s Guide – September 2018 Deals

Product: Male Extra.
Company: Vobue Ltd.
Official Website: https://maleextra.com
Available at Amazon, GNC, or Walmart: Nope!
Male Extra Coupon Code: Check top deals and discount codes via the official site.

When it comes to penile enhancement, one product is taking the market by storm as far as volume sales, great results, and rave reviews are concerned.

The product? Male Extra.

And here are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Stronger and larger erections
  • Enhanced sexual endurance
  • Improved sex drive
  • Multiple orgasms

Male Extra can do all of these, and the company is so confident about this product that they put a 60 day money back guarantee on it.

By buying Male Extra from the official website, you get GENUINE male extra as well as massive bulk discounts (*).

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How Does Male Extra Work?

Medical experts involved in the creation of Male Extra may have found the Holy Grail when it comes to penile growth.

With the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients, they have discovered that penis size can be increased in a rate they thought wouldn’t even be possible.

Male Extra is specially formulated to increase penile size by up to 2.6 inches in a period of 6 months.

Results can be seen as early as the third month, with the penis growing almost an inch after 90 days.

But it doesn’t just help with increasing the size of the penis. Increased sexual desire, better control of erections, and more explosive orgasms – Male Extra does all of these.

This product will change your sexual life, leading to satisfaction for your partner. Whoever said that size does not matter might have just given up on his minuscule manhood.

Male Extra breaks that myth by enlarging the penis and providing overall improvement in sexual health. With all of these benefits, Male Extra doesn’t really have a close competitor.

Dosage is as simple as taking 3 pills every day.

That is enough for Male Extra to deliver all the necessary nutrients to your body that leads to stronger, bigger erections and mind blowing orgasms.

Male Extra has that three-step formula that helps in strengthening the male erection, increasing the libido, and enhancing sexual performance:

  • Step 1: Take three pills every day.
  • Step 2: Let the ingredients of Male Extra take effect on your body.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the benefits that stronger erections, increased libido, and improved sexual health can do.

Male Extra Benefits & Cons

Benefits include:

  1. Bigger erection – Increases the length of the erect penis
  2. Harder erection – Makes the penis more rigid for added sexual pleasure to your partner
  3. Prolonged erection – Size and rigidity are not enough if sexual performance doesn’t last long. Male Extra helps with that.
  4. Increased libido – Increases sexual desire which helps in improving the sexual performance.
  5. Staying power – Enhances overall physical endurance for all-night sexual satisfaction.
  6. Improved virility – For your partner’s delight and satisfaction.
  7. Enhanced sex life – All of the above benefits lead to a super-charged sex life.

Cons include:

  1. It will take time but it will definitely deliver the benefits
  2. Get ready for bouts of sleepless nights as you and your partner explore your new-found sexual virility – if you can call this a con.

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Male Extra Ingredients

Clinical studies have shown that Niacin and Pomegranate have a direct, positive effect on penile growth.

This dynamic duo for sexual enhancement is the main combination ingredient put into Male Extra.

With 500 milligrams of pure Pomegranate at 40 percent ellagic on a daily serving, this product has been proven to strengthen the subject’s erection and prolonging it.

Niacin, on the other hand, helps maintain the health of the mucous membranes and also reduces fatigue and tiredness, giving more stamina during sexual performance.

600 mg of L-Arginine is another common ingredient in male organ enhancement products.

Male Extra researchers have added 600 milligrams of this potent ingredient so it has at least double of it compared to other products available on the market.

L-Arginine has also been proven through numerous medical and scientific studies to achieve the desired results of improved male sexual prowess.

Other ingredients include:

100 mg of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM – greatly increases blood flow so that the potent components of Male Extra are properly delivered to the body. An increase in blood flow also helps in bigger, stronger erections.

14 mg of Zinc – perhaps the most vital nutrient when it comes to penile and sperm health. It protects the sperms from free radicals and help produce more seminal fluid.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to obtain the recommended amount of zinc in the normal diet. Male Extra contains 45 milligrams of this essential mineral in every daily serving.

25 mg of Cordyceps – they are a type of fungus which help improve your stamina and sex drive.

100 mg of  L-Methionine – an essential amino acid which prevents premature ejaculation.

Where To Buy Male Extra?

GENUINE Male Extra can ONLY be purchased through the official website.

Are there any Male Extra discounts or coupon codes available?

Unfortunately, there are no Male Extra coupon code available right now.

However, you can take advantage of current Male Extra promotional deals. By ordering in bulk (e.g., buy 4 bottles, get 2 free), you can get additional discounts and freebies.

Male Extra promises, or rather, it delivers what other products can only dream of promising to their customers.

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