Male Edge Extender Review [Unmasked!] + {Coupon Code}

A longer penis is a big deal for men. Like a status symbol, the penis determines how manly you are and how you would fare in the bedroom. A limp and short penis could automatically mean that you are not good in bed and you aren’t capable of pleasing your partner.

Because men protect their ego, this “conclusion” simply wouldn’t do. There must be a way to have a longer and bigger penis.male edge review

Thus, Male Edge was created. Like its competitors, Male Edge really works. It is durable and could be used by practically anyone!

Is There a Male Edge Discount Code (September 2018)?

Yes, there is a Male Edge coupon code (SHY4FV) available right now.

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What is Male Edge?

Male Edge is totally safe – this is so unlike the so-called male supplements wherein you have to ingest drugs or medicine to solve your problem.

Rather, Male Edge is an ‘exercise’ device that stretches your penis until it becomes longer. The traction force results in your cells dividing and multiplying, hence the noticeable results after a few months.

Moreover, Male Edge is supported by a number of clinical studies. It has been tested on a wider market so it is fit for use by all types of men.

Attach Male Edge to your member and see it gradually getting bigger and longer, without pain or any physical damage.

Male Edge is also very easy to use. You can wear the device even when you are out, and you need not worry about it being noticed by other people – Male Edge has a inconspicuous nature that you can even wear it to your meetings!

Just use this device regularly and see your penis grow 3 inches more. You would also get a free instructional DVD upon purchase, so you are guided all the time.

How Does Male Edge Work?

Male Edge uses traction force to enhance the size and length of your cock. Just like when you work out in the gym and you start seeing results after a week of regular workouts, you would see results almost after a week or two of using the product.

Of course, the results don’t happen overnight; neither will they manifest if you use Male Edge once a week.

On the other hand, there are no side effects with Male Edge. The best thing is that the results are there for life even when you stop using the device.

Male Edge Benefits and Cons

Male Edge gives you the following benefits:

  • It is so convenient and easy to use. Just fit your penis in the front piece and make the necessary adjustments. Don’t forget to adjust the pressure on the traction device, just enough to make you feel comfortable while wearing it. You can also wear it anywhere – at home, in the office, or while you are out with friends.
  • Male Edge is easy to extend and you wouldn’t have to exert a lot of effort at all. All it takes is rotating the rods in a clockwise direction and pulling the rods until you see your preferred length.
  • You have full control over the amount of pressure that you want the traction device to offer. There are settings to choose from: 1,200, 2,000, and 2,800 grams.
  • It can be worn by any guy.
  • This amazing device is durable, lightweight, and made of high-quality materials. Though it is made of plastic, it is still functional.
  • Manufactured by a trusted company, Male Edge really delivers results!
  • The product comes with an instructional DVD and a travel bag – perfect for men on the go.
  • You also get a free ruler to measure your progress.
  • There is a one-year warranty.

The con:

  • Male Edge does not offer a directional traction option.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers attest that after wearing Male Edge for two weeks straight, they saw results – their penis looked bigger. They also like the comfort that Male Edge offers, despite the strong traction force it provides to your member.

Others wear Male Edge for three hours every day, and they are very happy with the outcome. They also suggest that clients new to Male Edge wear the device for two months for permanent results.

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Male Edge isn’t a miracle device. It should be worn regularly. There is no harm in trying because 1) it is very comfortable to use, and 2) it really works.

When you purchase Male Edge, you know that you are investing your hard-earned money on a high-quality product. No need to worry about malfunctioning gadgets – Male Edge is a trusted brand all over the world.

With Male Edge, you get what all men want – a longer and bigger penis. What more could you ask for?

It also has a very reasonable price, but what you pay for will be offset by all the wonderful benefits of this product.

Now be brave and buy Male Edge. See what it can do for your penis and for your life in general.

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